Sunday, 8 March 2009

skeletons & rodarte

i was in work this morning and as a group we had to create a mood board for our opinion on 'style'. anyway my manager gave us loads of magazines to rip and tear up for images and i came across the rodarte 08/09 collections in elle i think it was. i thought it would be good to relate my uni project 'laundry' too as i'm looking at mummification for now. the idea of wrapping and stitching up wounds, and using these techiques with garments. the idea came from some textile samples i did with coffee, bleach and dyes. i'll get some images up of them soon for you to see.

these collections really inspire me for this project, as they look wrapped & ripped. the colour palette for this project is appropriate also.

skeleton inspired.

the posts below are the collections i looked into for this project.

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tobaccoandleather said...

Mate, you are going to kill me, or not be very happy ........

at my last tutorial Alan said my bleached denim looked like the end of the world and Alex auggested looking at skeletons, which i planned on drawing like vertebrae and rib cages in like a plant life conext, anyway, just seen this post and i feel well bad!

we've ended up going in the same direction!

im sorrrryyyyyyy!