Saturday, 7 March 2009

no editions - print brand

i read this post by childhoodflames and i thought it was really interesting how each garment is completely individual. i work for diesel and i know that diesel jeans are all made by individually. however each style of jean is still made too look identical, but if you look carefully you can see the difference in some. anyway i did some more research into no editions, you can even select a garment from material choice so you can select what you prefer. the prints are very simple and can work with anything.
here's some pictures and designs from the brand.

cotton jersey

"Christian Niessen and Nicole Lachelle, two German designers based in New York, are taking the concept of ‘‘one-of-a-kind dressing’’ to a new level with their No Editions label. Niessen trawls through online newspapers and magazines for striking images (music videos, daily headlines, NASA landscapes), manipulates them on his computer until they’re completely unrecognizable and then transfers them onto clothes. The prints are all unique, which means that no two No Editions garments are ever the same. ‘‘Complete individualization is the only weapon that small designers have in the fight against big retailers and chains,’’ says Niessen, who worked with Helmut Lang as his head designer. The couple makes sure that the prints are always the focus of attention by keeping their silhouettes clean and straightforward: there are shawl- collared felt wraps, ultrathin silk camisole dresses, hooded windbreakers and straight-leg jeans that gradate from dark navy to black. ‘‘We work with customized printers and a special blend of inks,’’ Niessen says. ‘‘They are low-cost, low-tech elements that have allowed us to obtain high-tech results that are very difficult to copy.’’ In other words, don’t try it at home." MARKUS EBNER

silk satin jacket

pants but i'd call them leggings.
wouldn't mind a pair of these :)


meliindaa. said...

i love the silk jacket and especially how its unique!

tobaccoandleather said...

i saw this on a blog the other week, its mint! definite journal material