Sunday, 8 March 2009

tattoos are sexy.

Kat von dee looks amazing here.
its a great way for alternative girls to accessorize, wish we could all do it, just a shame its permanent.
i love the whole influence around tattoos, theres a lot of meaning behind it.

my boyfriend, matthew has some amazing artwork on his arms, everytime i look at it i find something new to stare at and admire for the next week. people tend to notice the quality of the colour of his tattoos, vibrant and sexy!

rather than his tattoo artist 'Danny Rossiter' doing work on him, he turned the tables and did a photoshoot with him for our magazine, mayhem magazine. we've only had one issue out so far, its on the website but it needs to be downloaded as a pdf file. takes about 2 minutes to download. have a read and scroll down each page. magazine is about music, fashion, photography, design and lifestyle. tell me what you think. and if you think you've got what it takes to get involved, something thats gonna inspire the magazine further let us know.