Saturday, 28 March 2009

the chores are done

finally, my laundry project has finished, i had so much work to cram in in one week, turned out successful in the end though and came out with some interesting results. nice job! to get to the point, my design work was mostly influenced by distressed materials and straight jackets. take a look. here's my final work.


tobaccoandleather said...

check out this blog make over! looks well professional mate, i was saying to Daniel how your work looked all put up, i thought it was one of the best if im honest, i know you're gonna shrug at that but i did! Nice work mucker, ha.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!! i love the straight-jacket concept. . . i'm surprised i haven't seen more of it on the runways this season ...xx

CHIC Sensibility... said...

These are really cool. So different.

roosen8 said...

Hi Annabelle! tie and dye, it's so on and feels so fun right now, you go girl for bleaching and staining all by yourself, I'm an explorer as well and loves to try new stuff out..Thanks for stopping by hot to see you back!
Do you want to swap links? Here is mine/alices fashion news & fashion blog
You can also copy and paste from my resources page:-)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely fantastic Mademoiselle. Your work is truly beautiful & inspiring.

Glad that I discovered your blog, have a look at mine if you want. Talk soon. Bisous! xx

Kendra said...

You're blog is amazing, i love it all!