Thursday, 5 March 2009

DV8 Magazine Cover Shoot

right now, this very second, i'm taking part and assisting in a cover shoot for DV8 Magazine Manchester.
my boyfriend is the photographer. my friend is the makeup artist.
its all very professional and organised, almost twenty models ready and waiting for there makeup to be done, many guests and VIPs are on there way. there's even going to be a film crew here.
were in the VIP room now where the shoot is taking place and everyone has front row seats to see the photoshoot take place.
just looking around you can see how many creative people are here and clearly they are all trying to make a career out of this in life.

Matthew Comer is the photographer, building up his portfolio for future photography opportunities especially fashion and editorial. he was offered a job in new york and his aim is to get there!
then there's me, annabelle rachael taylor, a fashion designer getting the experience i can to get somewhere in the fashion industry.
DV8, making the most of the night to make their Manchester magazine successful and more popular.
3 more photography assistants, art directing and lighting assisting, all building their portfolio's.
2 makeup artist, one is Krystle Clayton surely building their portfolio's for their dream jobs too.
and all the models building their portfolio's to try and become a sucessful model in the future, whether it be fashion or not!
it's such an amazing experience.
its excites me just to be here, watch it and GET INVOLVED!

i'll get the photos up of the cover shoot night asap.
hope you'll enjoy.

bye for now.


tobaccoandleather said...

crappiest timing ever. i really wanted to come :( finished my essay though i guess..
good luck with yours mate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Annabelle said...

thanks sweet.
missing you. ha. really am :(

tobaccoandleather said...

Annabellllllllllllllllllleeeeeaaaaaaa RAH!

i love you mate!