Friday, 1 January 2010

its a new year.

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wearing: black jersey cardigan, lion print grey vest, black thrifted shorts, laddered tights, vintage boots, clawed ring.

i layered this look way too much, but it was so cold i felt i had too. was going to a killswitch gig that night. wanted to see them for a while now, so was nice suprise.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, and i hope everyone had a lovely christmas too!
thanks to all my readers, and apologies for the absence over the holidays, i love family time and it's something i miss a lot since starting university. its quite funny actually as i only live 30 minutes drive away. i'm quite sentimental like that!! lets hope the new year brings the best to all of us!

time to work harder this year and make an effort in everything i do. 

all photos taken by matthew comer. (Blog)


miss_vogue said...

happy new year! suchhh a sick ring...

M. said...

I love your blog! and happy new year, your outfit is lovely.


Coco said...

Your ring is perfection.


You pulled this look off very well -- Didn't even notice that you had to layer so much under it!

Also, happy new year to you babe!!


Natalie said...

I love ur tights, u have great style! :)


Obscura said...

the ring!