Thursday, 17 September 2009

foxyman knows

i think is brilliant. foxyman was asked to do an interview for D&G's blog the words are awesome. they really sum up the true world of blogging! the interview reminds me how much blogging can do for you! thanks to foxyman, its made me realise how much more of what i do in life needs to be put into my blog, i find it hard with time and when i do get time which is almost every day (ha says me who apparently has no time) i automatically go to see what my favourite bloggers have posted. i'm inspired everyday to get somewhere eventually. just hope it does something for me one day. check it out.

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Rich Hippie said...

ugh i know right, im goign to start blogging from my phone

Fashion Chalet said...

Awesome, sounds like we're identical twins when it comes to our SHOES huh? ;)

THANKS for all of the cool comments. Hoping you are doing well!