Friday, 4 September 2009


as you know i don't normally do this, so still a bit blahh about doing it, oh well. matthew comer, my boyfriend got asked to take photos for a feature in glamour magazine. they wanted him to find two local models (from manchester), with a natural but slightly styled hairstyle to use as the models. This feature was to collabrate with hair stylist James Brown. however he was asked the day we left from New York to England and the deadline was the next day. so he literally had no time and i just said i'd do it for him. i got my friend to put a quick braid in my hair to make it look slighty better (thanks to abbey for giving me the idea, as her hair always looks good that way.) needed something to draw attention away, as i am desperate for my hair to be styled!! oh god, seriously. anyway, we ended up just taking a few photos for ten minutes or so. i used this opportunity to show off my new leggings. they remind me of the 80's and we now call them mexican wrestler leggings! thrift stores were the best thing of everyday for me on the roadtrip. i want to go back!
fringe top is backwards by the way.

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please note, all images taken by matthew comer. they are raw and unedited.


JULIA said...

Gorge. Your boyfriend is talented, as are you... liking the blog! :)

Jessie said...

Wow i love this post, it's gorgeous! Your boyf is very talented! The fringe top and leggings are amazing! I want a top like that now!! xx

Dane said...

Those are some awesome leggings.. you have amazing style, cant wait to see more.

tobaccoandleather said...

check you out!! these look mint mate, like the ones from the side.

you and matthew will be the next Rumi and Colin from Fashiontoast, but better haha


Elisabeth Isabelle said...

Those tights are gorgeous, girl!

Annabelle said...

hah! yeah right, shes beautiful, my face always looks deformed! least im giving it a go!! get those boots up of yours on miss!

Jowy said...

Rad leggings! And the braid in ur hair is lovely!

One Love,


You look beyond fab and those leggings are insane! Thrift-envy!

Becca said...

love your hair, once i tried to do the same, but you took it better :D. and the shirt is adorable :)!

Julia said...

Cute hair! Your bf took lovely pics! I've seen lots of shirts like yours but I really like how you wore it backwards!

Rich Hippie said...

you look gorg dude. Dont care if its raw and un edited! Those leggings are super inspiring.
I remember stumbling by your blog before and bookmarking it on my iPhone...then loosing it.
So thank god you showed up cuz last time i visited it I just loved EVERYTHING
P.S Anna Belle is an awesome name!
My names Lady Vivian but GOD Anna Belle is such and amwesome name!

Carolina Botelho said...

good stuff! kiss :) xx