Tuesday, 18 June 2013

DIY Floral Headband

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So I've started hand making Floral headbands like those on ASOS. Whilst creating them I saw the opportunity to do my first DIY post in the 3 years that I've had my blog (on and off) So here we go, and here's how....

What you will need:

1. Buy a collection of fake fabric flowers, flower clips, flower headbands, or use anything you already own which you don't mind ruining.
2. Buy a collection of headbands ready to fix the flowers on.
3. You will also need scissors, a glue gun, some paper/scrap paper to protect whatever you are wanting to work on, a small bit of fabric to fix the flowers and headband together and a camera if you want to share your headbands like mine!

Making the headband:

1. Arrange your flowers so that you know how you want your headband to look. (I had to change mine throughout the process.)
2. Cut all the flower heads off the items you decided to purchase/use.
3. Cut out the some oval shapes in your fabric, one for each flower that you will attach.
4. Place glue on one side of the ovals, spread them equally - quite close together, then place your headband across them all and hold until the glue starts to cool.(If you can try to stretch out your headband as much as possible, this will ensure that when you wear your headband your flowers won't be too spread apart.)
5. Now to start placing the flowers onto your headband :)- exciting. Put some glue on the fabric ovals, make sure you put the glue on the headband side, to keep it looking tidy. Then place your flower on the glue as soon as possible and hold tightly until the glue begins to cool.
6. Do this for each one of your flowers.
7. If you can, try your headband on each time you place a flower to the headband. This is to see how far the headband stretches, then you can judge any gaps between the flowers.
8. If you find that there are gaps that you don't like then place another oval and flower there. (This will become more difficult and fiddlely as you'll have to stretch the headband whilst glueing the flowers on.) 9.Headband is finished. Take some photos and share yours by linking me through a comment :) Enjoy xxx

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Jennifer said...

I so need to make one!

xo Jennifer