Monday, 23 November 2009


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wearing laddered tights(DIY), sheer jersey top (urban outfitters) vintage jewellery,vintage biker boots (from Austin Texas).
I've actually got loads of photos with this look, but there in a separate folder somewhere. i'll share them with you when i find them.

also matthew comer, my boyfriend has started to get a lot of his photography up on his blog finally. he's been posting loads the last few weeks. he's filling his blog with all his old work first from when he started nearly 5 years ago now, but keep checking it out as there'll be a lot of fashion/catwalk/portraiture/published photography up there. he's already started posting some of this, but still lots more good stuff to come. go get following him on his blog or check his website out at


Veetta said...

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Mademoiselle HELI said...

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