Monday, 19 October 2009

DV8 Cover Shoot Sept/Oct 09

now i promised all my readers i'd posts the images from the DV8 magazine shoot when i got hold of them. i've had them nearly two weeks now, i've just been so busy with things at home i've not had chance to get blogging and organised with keeping up to date, which these days always seems to be my excuse. anyway these were the shots that made the magazine. the couple being the front cover and the rest are part of the fashion spread!!

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models: Tony Lebritton, Becky Holt (front cover)
photographer: Matt comer (boyfriend)
Styling: Annabelle Taylor(me) and Ross Forsythe. (all designer @ selfridges)

Friday 16th October was our last DV8 magazine front cover/fashion spread shoot.
definitely the best yet, so be sure to see them when posted, very soon!!

all photos taken by matthew comer. (Blog)

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5thandsweet said...

That dress in the 2nd picture is awesome! I am loving sharp.. EVERYTHING!