Friday, 21 August 2009

DV8 Cover Shoot

I've been involved with DV8 manchester for the past 4 issues, ever since my boyfriend (Matthew Comer) was hired as the magazines head photographer. The last 3 issues i've been the fashion director for the front cover shoots. Each month models get the opportunity to be the next front cover girl by showing how good of a model they can be. Anyway, as i've been away for 2 months i didn't have the images to post up on my blog for the July issue of DV8 manchester magazine, but i do now! Heres a selection of some of my favourite shots. I've also added a scan of the credits page because we all got thumbnails of ourselves in this issue which we don't normally get.
p.s you'll find the past issues on the DV8 website.

i apologise as my scans aren't good quality.

this image was selected as the JULY 09 cover.

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credits, first mention for me in a magazine, so i was kinda happy about it. then matthew got his mention and our own hair stylist Luca Jones is up there too.

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Matthew Comer Photographer (his myspace has his most up to date work)

We shot the august 09 issue last night, and we had some amazing up and coming professional models trying out for it, everyone worked real hard and it turned out to be a successful night, despite all the stress. Selfridges sponsored and dressed the models for the magazine, including some amazing designer pieces, all to be unveiled when the magazine goes to print, Monday, and i get hold of the images of course. And the afterparty, well that turned out great and i stuggled to keep going in work today, i wanted to just fall asleep on the sofa.

i'll be posting some images of last nights shoot very soon so make sure you check it out.

bye for now x

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